Monthly News Letter

May was sprung upon us like a surprise party we forgot to RSVP to. 🎉
Time to shake off the April showers and usher in sunny May!
From pollen-induced sneezing fits to the eternal struggle of deciding between shorts or a sweater (seriously, make up your mind, weather!), we’re here to embrace the new month.
As always, if there’s anything I can assist with, send me a message, I’m always here to be a resource.
  • This month I’m looking forward to spring in full swing! The curb appeal of your home can make a big difference. With the weather changing and starting to get nice do some landscaping and plant some colorful flowers to brighten up the area!
  • On a professional front, with entering the Spring market I am excited to start helping clients find their dream homes! To make sure each client gets the best out of my real estate services keeping up with what is hitting the market and making sure that each client gets the best opportunity at finding their homes.
  • What’s happening around town? Monahans will be celebrating April with a handful of local events and happenings. Keep reading for more information below!

🏡 May Home Maintenance Checklist

✓ Replace water filters in refrigerator water dispensers, under-sink filtration systems, or whole-house filtration systems.
✓ Clean patio furniture, give your deck or patio a good scrub, and replace faded seat cushions so your outdoor space will be open for business come summertime.
✓ Use a microfiber cloth, duster, or vacuum attachment to clean window blinds slat by slat.
✓ Check outdoor lighting fixtures and replace any burnt-out bulbs.
✓ Trim back tree branches that could pose a hazard during storms and ensure you have a way to secure outdoor furniture during strong winds.

📚 The playbook that saved my first-time buyers’ sanity 

They were ready to dive into homeownership but weighed down by the process. The relief was written all over their faces as we reviewed the exact steps they needed to take. This is the playbook that transformed their experience:
1. Connect with an agent from the start. During their buyer’s consult, we mapped out their budget, goals, and timeline, having clarity from the get-go.
2. Make “practice” mortgage payments. By moving money into a high-yield savings account equivalent to a real mortgage, they built confidence they could handle the financial side of buying.
3. Request a credit limit increase. Working with their established creditors, they were able to boost their buying power and improve their credit score — just in time to secure the right loan.
4. Get pre-approved (not just pre qualified). Using my list of trusted lenders they got the certified financial go-ahead.
5. Outline non-negotiables. Armed with financial clarity, we then discussed their wants vs. needs, a list we came back to as they
toured homes.
I’m happy to report that these guys are settled in and loving their new home. Helping folks find ease through the buying process never gets old!

I’d love to chat with you about all things real estate, anytime! Whether you’re planning a move soon or years down the line, I’m here to provide insights, guidance, or just a friendly conversation about the market. And hey, I’m all ears for your feedback on this newsletter too – let me know what you think and how I can add more value to your real estate journey. Just hit reply, and let’s talk!

Mariela Moore